TUFFDUMP Authorized Dealer Agreement

Ordering –
Our preferred method of receiving an order is by email: order@tuffdump.com. This way we have a hard copy of your order. If you would like to order by phone, please call 678-688-3730. Please do not call or text our sales reps cell phones for ordering trailers.
Keep in mind when ordering – a load of two trailers can have a maximum of one high side trailer, and a load of four can have a maximum of two high side trailers.

Payment –
All orders will be paid for prior to leaving our facilities. Acceptable forms of payment are a company check or bank wire. Please contact us for wiring instructions.

Shipments –
When your order/load is in “ready to ship“ status we will contact you to make payment arrangements and schedule pickup or delivery. At that point, you have five business days to take possession. After those five business days, your trailers may become stock units and available to our entire dealer network unless you have made prior arrangements with us.

Exclusive Territory –
We do our best to give dealers an exclusive territory of 45 minutes (drive time) from all other authorized dealers, but many factors can expand or shrink this territory – population, lot visibility, advertising efforts, etc. We reserve the right to change a dealer’s territory at anytime. That said, we are extremely loyal to our authorized dealers and want them to be successful.

Monthly Minimum Order –
Every dealer is required to order 4 trailers a month. If, after two months of an order not being placed, we reserve the right to give your territory to another dealer and possibly ask you to reapply if needed.

Trailer Titles (MSOs) –
MSOs are the dealer’s responsibility after your trailers leave our facilities. If a replacement MSO is needed for any reason, a notarized and executed “Hold Harmless Agreement“ describing the reason for the replacement will be required. There is a $100 fee for each MSO replacement.

Online Content –
We reserve the right to utilize all online content pertaining to TUFFDUMP, including but not limited to – social media or website posts, photos, videos, reviews, advertisements, etc.