TUFFDUMP - The Best Dump Trailer In The South! Here's Why...

Unmatched Quality

We believe TUFFDUMP is the best dump trailer in the industry… and a major factor that allows us to make this claim is our extremely stringent quality controls. Throughout the entire process – engineering and design, selecting raw materials and components, fabrication, coating, stress testing, everything – the amount of scrutiny and laser focus that goes into our Dump Trailer is unparalleled. TUFFDUMP is built at an ISO 9001:2015 certified facility. This certification is achieved by adhering to an ultra high set of manufacturing standards and protocols, ensuring our TUFFDUMP dump trailer is in a class of its own.

Supreme Durability

We understand the beating your average dump trailer goes through on a typical workday. And because we knew TUFFDUMP would be the best dump trailer on the market, we paid a massive amount of attention to the durability of our trailer. An example – most of our competitors use 14 gauge steel (5/64 Inch) in dump wall fabrication, we use 11 gauge (1/8 Inch). Another example – our manufacturing plant is equipped with a seriously high end tool set… tools that are rare in our industry: multiple CNC lasers, huge metal benders, rollers, etc. Because of this we actually fabricate each wall and a portion of the dump bed out of 1 piece of thick sheet metal. Giving TUFFDUMP superior rigidity and strength. TUFFDUMP is a dump trailer you can depend on like no other.


As a dealer, isn’t it frustrating when you know you have a trailer sale, but sometimes it can take multiple weeks, sometimes a few months, to get trailers from your current manufacturers? That bothers us too, which is why we strive to have a steady stream of inventory on hand. With TUFFDUMP, you can have peace of mind that you can get the greatest dump trailer available… and get it when you actually need it, not months later.

Modern Inovation

You might be thinking “a dump is a dump. load, haul, dump, rinse, repeat” and of course this is true. But when we first started to design TUFFDUMP we took a slightly different approach than what most dump trailer manufacturers would do… we let our first-class engineering team, basically… GO NUTS. We gave complete freedom to the some of the brightest minds and what came from this was some very unique fabrication innovations. One-Sheet Bed/Wall construction, bed channeling & stability supports, novel cross-member modelling, Debris-Free Fenders … just to name a few. When you compare a TUFFDUMP to our competitors, the difference is obvious.


With TUFFDUMP, our main goal is to deliver to our dealers and customers the finest “premium” dump trailer available. At the same time, we have a deep respect for the hard working Americans out there that could use a high quality, heavy duty dump trailer. Because of both of these core beliefs, we are required to produce an exceptional product at a price that good blue-collar folks can afford…  a great value for a honorable price. All this without cutting corners or skimping on components or process. Luckily, with the fabrication and assembly efficiencies we have developed over decades, we have successfully achieved this goal. Customers will find that our top-tier TUFFDUMP is very affordable at a price that competes with lower-end brands on the market.

American Made!

And most importantly, with our manufacturing plant smack dab in the middle of Georgia.. we are proud to say TUFFDUMP dump trailers are Made In America!